· Place-name suffix, originally denoting a town or enclosure of buildings. Washington· (mathematics, bridge) A set of specific objects or persons. singleton··(appended to nouns) a diminutive suffix; forms nouns denoting smallness, and rarely insignificance.

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Find 784 ways to say TON, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus , the world''s most trusted free thesaurus.

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ton to millidalton ton to oka ton to tan ton to megagram ton to flask ton to momme ›› Definition: Ton. The short ton is a unit of mass equal to 2000 lb (exactly 907.18474 kg). In the United States it is often called simply "ton" without distinguishing it from the metric ton (or tonne) and the long ton …

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Implementation of IEC timers (TON, TOF, TP &TONR) in S7-1200 PLC using TIA Portal. In many applications there is a requirement to control time or signal flow. For example, a valve, a motor might need to be controlled to operate for a particular interval of time, switched ON after some time interval or after some delay.

What are the units called a ton?

 · ton (of mass). In Great Britain and Pakistan, 2,240 pounds (1016.047 kg). It is equal to 20 hundredweights, each of 112 pounds.. In the United States, "ton" usually refers to 2000 pounds, and the 2240-pound ton is called a "long ton."The long ton is prinicipally used for anthracite coal.

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US ton synonyms, US ton pronunciation, US ton translation, English dictionary definition of US ton. n. See ton. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

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Ton. Definition: A ton is a unit of weight and mass. In the United States and Canada, the ton, also known as the short ton, is defined as 2,000 pounds, or 908 kilograms. In the United Kingdom, the ton, sometimes referred to as the long ton, is defined as 2,240 avoirdupois pounds, or 1,016 kg.

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 · Yêu cầu về độ thẩm mỹ của công trình cần sử dụng. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm một loại tôn để lợp nhà, tôn sóng chắc chắn là lựa chọn dành cho bạn. Tôn lợp mái nhà ở nên sử dụng tôn 11 sóng vuông đảm bảo độ bền và độ thoát nước tốt. Còn nếu bạn đang tìm ...

Regency History: What is the haut ton?

 · Haut means high, and so haut ton means high fashion or people of high fashion. The phrase haut ton is derived from the French and literally means high tone. According to etymology online, the word tone has meant the ''prevailing state of manners'' since 1735 and ton has referred to the ''prevailing mode, style, fashionable ways'' since 1769.

Ton vs. Tonne: What''s the Difference?

A ton is a unit of weight. Americans measure nearly everything differently from the rest of the world, and weight is no exception. In America, a ton, also called a short ton, is equal to 2,000 U.S. pounds (abbreviated lbs.). Most other industrialized nations have standardized around the metric system and use what is called the metric ton.

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 · Ton definition: A ton is a unit of weight that is equal to 2240 pounds in Britain and to 2000 pounds in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


Ton definition is - any of various units of weight:. How to use ton in a sentence.

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Tôn (tole) đôi khi được hiểu là (nhưng không hoàn toàn đồng nhất với) thép tấm, thép tấm cuộn, thép lá, thép băng, thép dải,...Như vậy tôn thép là loại vật liệu được làm từ các tấm kim loại (mà cụ thể là thép) cán mỏng. Đôi khi tôn được hiểu với nghĩa hẹp, là loại vật liệu thép tấm mỏng, mạ màu ...


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The ton is an imperial measure and rhymes with tun. 1 (long) ton (all current and ex imperial measures countries except the US and Canada) = 2,240 lb (so in human measures is very similar to the tonne). 1 (short) ton (US and Canada only) = 2,000 lb (about 907 kg).

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Co-sponsored by ACM and the IEEE, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON) offers broad coverage of research and experience in network architecture and design, communication protocols, network software and technologies, services and applications, and network operations and management. Articles accepted for future publication are available on the TON Home Page.

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The British ton is the long ton, which is 2240 pounds, and the U.S. ton is the short ton which is 2000 pounds. Both tons are actually defined in the same way. 1 ton is equal to 20 hundredweight. It is just the definition of the hundredweight that differs between countries.

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 · Messaging service Telegram said on Tuesday it is abandoning its blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) after a lengthy battle with …

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The TON, also known as Timer ON, an instruction is used to keep track of time of occurrence of certain events. The conditions preceding the TON instruction will allow the timer to start counting up to a specified value. Once this value is reached, the program will set specific internal bits notifying the programmer as well as other instructions ...


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Define ton. ton synonyms, ton pronunciation, ton translation, English dictionary definition of ton. n. 1. A unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds . Also called net ton, short ton .

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Ton, as a unit of volume, may also refer to the cargo capacity of ships or to the freight itself. The register ton is defined as 100 cubic feet, the freight or measurement ton as 40 cubic feet; an older measure of a ship''s displacement was based on the volume of a long ton of seawater, or 35 cubic feet.

Ton (le bon ton)

"The ton" was Britain''s high society during the late Regency and the reign of George IV, and later.The word means, in this context, "manners" or "style" and is pronounced as in French ().The full phrase is le bon ton meaning etiquette, "good manners" or "good form" – characteristics held as ideal by the British beau monde.. The term le beau monde (pronounced ), literally meaning "the ...

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Ton definition, a unit of weight, equivalent to 2000 pounds (0.907 metric ton) avoirdupois (short ton, or net ton ) in the U.S. and 2240 pounds (1.016 metric tons) avoirdupois (long ton ) …

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72 synonyms of ton from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 65 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for ton.

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Live Telegram Gram Token (TON) Price, Historical Chart & Telegram Gram Token Market Cap. DEX Trade Trade Now. The Liquid cryptocurrency exchange is hosting a token sale for GRAM tokens, which are the native asset of the Telegram Open Network (TON). Liquid is conducting the sale in collaboration with Gram Asia, which is a company that offers ...